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No one is perfect; we can all be better...
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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Respect
Be Better training courses go beyond just telling you what you need to know to create more inclusive environments; they are all about why it matters and how it creates more successful services and businesses.Diverse group of people in discussion
Inclusive Language
Learn how language makes a difference when referring to people. Discover how it evolves and what can make it hard to keep up. Explore why good language choices matter and how they can be better for you and your organisation.
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Successes to be proud of
Be Better training focuses on the people in your organisation and your customers, ensuring the facts are tailored to who you are and how you work together. It's all about making sure everyone wins.Happy person winning a race
Disability Awareness
Explore the range of disabilities out there, visible and hidden. Learn how to adapt yourself and your organisation to staff and customers with disabilities. Discover how disabilities can bring unique perspectives that benefit all parts of an organisation.
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Valuing and understanding everyone
Be Better training goes beyond just core skills and tackles the psychologies and cultures at the heart of building a world that respects our differences and harnesses them as strengths. It's not just training; it's embedding the understanding, values and benefits that come from diversity.Six people from different cultures around the world
Beyond the Letters
Discover more about different sexual orientations and gender identities. Learn about the importance of respecting personal identities. Explore the value of challenging and improving your own understanding.
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Genuinely Better
Be Better courses cover everything you need for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Then we add a bit more to make it work for you.
Diverse group in a line
Unconscious Bias
Learn how past experience and environments influence our decisions without realising. Explore how everyone's perceptions are different. Discover how everyone is biased, how to recognise it in yourself and how to challenge it.
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