Disability Awareness

Half or full day | Online or in person

Training to raise awareness of disabilities in and out of the workplace has been around for a while, but it’s only become more relevant to the world we live in. Increasingly organisations are discovering the value in providing support for those with disabilities, working with them to ensure their services and products can be accessed by as many people as possible.

It goes beyond the legal obligations, as increasingly we see the value that comes from diverse perspectives from people with different life experiences and perspectives. The mindsets and practices we explore from considering disabilities can improve our working environments and services for a much wider range of people; it can help our journeys towards creating a more equality-focused and successful business for staff and customers alike.

This course is aimed at anyone that wants to improve their awareness of different disabilities and how to effectively support and work with colleagues or customers with diverse needs and perspectives. It aims to build awareness for how disabilities can impact the lives of those that have them and others they interact with, while touching on legal obligations from the Equality Act 2010. It goes further and really focuses in on how disability awareness is as much about understanding as it is knowing facts, and how that understanding can bring benefits to individuals and organisations.

What's Covered

Over half a day of discussion and interactive workshopping, this course aims to cover:

  • What is a Disability: Definitions and misconceptions
  • Hidden Disabilities: Physical, mental and learning disabilities you might never know about
  • Avoiding Assumptions: How to avoid predicting what someone can or can't do
  • Making Adjustments: Good practice, behaviours and obligations
  • Breaking Down Barriers: Enabling positive, supportive environments
  • Benefits of Disability Awareness: How it helps everyone and only ever creates more success stories
  • Accessibility and Inclusion for You: Building action plans for your workplace

A full day version of this course can is available covering the same headings, but delving into a greater number of specific disabilities, ideas for improving accessibility, and the knowledge can benefit a wider range of people within and outside an organisation.
All course content can be adjusted for you or your organisation. The course descriptions offer an overview of topics and do not represent an exact format or structure. If you need us to focus on a particular area or would like is to include something we don't mention, just let us know and we'll do our best to make it work for you!