Microsoft Office Basics

Half* or full day | Online or in person

Have you ever attended separate Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint courses and felt that they have a lot in common when it comes to basic use and navigation?

This course aims to explore the basics of Microsoft Office to get anyone started with these three core products. Aimed at the complete novice, if you need a primer to get started in Word, Excel or PowerPoint, this course will get you started. We'll show you how to work with documents, find your way around, do some basic formating, and use other common features. It's enough to get anyone started.

What's Covered

Both the half and full day versions of this course cover the following topics:
  • Jargon and lingo: Office terms you can't avoid
  • Getting around: Using the ribbon, menus and options
  • Working with files: Creating documents/workbooks/slideshows, saving them and printing

We'll explore the following for each of Word, Excel and PowerPoint:
  • Navigation: Getting around within a file
  • Working with content: Adding, editing, undoing/redoing and copy/pasting
  • Aesthetics and layout: Formatting text and laying out paragraphs/cells
  • Tables: Creating them and making them look good
  • Drawing basics: Inserting shapes and graphics
  • Getting around large files: Zoom, find, headings/sheet/section basics
  • Proofing: Spell check and thesaurus

*Please note that the timing for the half day version of this course can be tight and offers limited opportunities for exploring beyond the course description; please allow a full 4 hours to accommodate this, or consider booking the full day version. Alternatively, we can adjust the course to focus on just one or two of the core products to allow more time to explore areas the trainees are particularly interested in.

The full day version goes into more detail, and will also explore the following:
  • Office 365: Apps on your computer, web and mobile
  • Word: Tracking changes and working with others
  • Excel: Working with some basic functions and formulae
  • PowerPoint: Templates and Presenter View

This course does not dedicate any time to Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access or other Office applications (though many of the concepts are absolutely relevant across all Microsoft Office products).
All course content can be adjusted for you or your organisation. The course descriptions offer an overview of topics and do not represent an exact format or structure. If you need us to focus on a particular area or would like is to include something we don't mention, just let us know and we'll do our best to make it work for you!