Managing Healthy Hybrid Teams

Full day / Two half days | Online or in person

What's Covered

Part 1 (Half Day)
  • Office vs Remote Working: Pros and cons, even without a pandemic
  • Setting it Up Office and Remote: Structure, environment and designing them to work together
  • Challenges for individuals: Motivation, focus and energy; considering isolation and support
  • Communication and visibility: Keeping everyone involved, maintaining accountability, interaction and awareness
  • Perceptions and expectations: Exploring what team members might expect of each other

Part 2 (Half Day)
  • Designing Working Patterns and Routines: Business strategies, personal preferences and varying roles
  • Practical Considerations: Insurance, tax, equipment, furniture, ergonomics and safety*
  • Managing Your Team: Relationships, a culture of trust, team dynamics and collaboration, proximity bias
  • Hybrid Working Into The Future: Different rules for different people, recognising success
  • Hybrid Meetings: Choosing the space and format, chairing and ensuring participation
  • Performance management: Measuring success and offering praise. Finding a balance control, delegation and autonomy.

* We explore things worth considering, with suggestions for further reading; this course does not provide legal or financial advice.
All course content can be adjusted for you or your organisation. The course descriptions offer an overview of topics and do not represent an exact format or structure. If you need us to focus on a particular area or would like is to include something we don't mention, just let us know and we'll do our best to make it work for you!